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If you have had a cesarean birth and are seeking peer support in a group setting, you've found the right place.

My name is Mikala Cummins and I am the space holder and facilitator of the Kitsap Cesarean and VBAC support group along side Megan Jennings with Moon River Birth. This group was originally started by Angie Hotz in 2015 when she saw a need for birthing parents who experienced difficult or traumatic cesareans to connect with other parents with similar stories.

As a participant after the cesarean of my first son, I found such comfort and healing within the group to be able to share my birth story openly and honestly to women who understood. The phrase "at least...(insert healthy baby phrase)" from well meaning family/friends made me feel guilty for feeling the trauma that I was processing. I NEEDED to find someone to just sit with me while I grieved the birth I wanted.


If that's you: you are not alone and we are listening.

My goal is to continue to build this community for those who are seeking to process their cesarean birth stories, hear other experiences they can relate to, find resources for VBAC, and find empathy no matter where they find themselves in the healing process.

Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook group to see meeting schedules/announcements,

join in discussion, share stories, and connect with other parents near you.

In Person Group Meetings

If you wish to participate in in-person group meetings-

please join our Facebook group or email to see the most updated meeting schedule.

Meetings will be held

Third Wednesdays of the Month



Looking glass Chiropractic

20307 Viking Ave NW Suite 102
Poulsbo, WA 98370

*body and medical autonomy is highly respected in this group. We ask you evaluate your health before attending-

If you have any concerns meeting in person please reach out or join us on Skype

Skype Meetings

We are currently only offering online meetings by request. If you would like to request a skype meeting set up, please send us a message!


“How a woman gives birth matters – to her baby’s long-term health, to her family, and to her mental and physical health and her self-confidence and self-esteeem as a woman and a mother…

How a woman is cared for and supported during birth is a major influence, not only in how she gives birth but also in how she feels about it.”

– from The Birth Partner (Fourth Edition) by Penny Simkin

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