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Pregnant Belly

Prenatal Visits

Informative and compassionate meetings to help you feel empowered and ready for your birth. We will go over birth plans, coping techniques, possible scenarios that may arise and address any fears or concerns you may have.

Birthing Guidance

Continuous labor and birth support.

Postpartum Support

Here to help you transition into motherhood through resources, breastfeeding support and emotional encouragement.

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Birth Doula Service


Two Prenatal Visits

2 hours each

Continuous Labor Support

I will be with you from when labor begins, through delivery and the initial hours postpartum.


Two Postpartum Visits

1-2 hours

Open Communication Always

I will always be a text or call away for emotional or evidence-based support during your pregnancy and postpartum.

The Joy Filled Birth respects freedom of all personal medical decisions. No medical status (including vaccinations) outside of pregnancy concerns will be asked/questioned/or coerced.
If there are any concerns please reach out.

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